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Yōkai Watch 2: Ganzo
妖怪ウォッチ2 元祖
Yo-Kai Watch 2 Ganso.jpg
Yōkai Watch 2: Honke
妖怪ウォッチ2 本家
Yokai Watch 2 Honke.jpg
Yo-Kai Watch 2: Shinuchi
Yo-Kai Watch 2 Shinuichi.JPG
Game information
Generation Generation I
Players 1
Platform RPG
Developers Level-5
Publishers Level-5
Release dates
Japan July 10, 2014 (Shinuichi - December 13, 2014)
United States September 30, 2016
Europe N/A
Australia N/A

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls (妖怪ウォッチ2 元祖 & 本家, lit. "Yo-Kai Watch 2: Ganso and Honke") and Yo-Kai Watch 2: Shinuchi (妖怪ウォッチ2真打|, lit. "Yōkai Wotchi Shin'uchi") are the sequels to the first Yo-Kai Watch video game. Honke and Ganso versions were released in July 10th, 2014, and Shinuchi version on December 13th 2014, for the Nintendo 3DS. It will be released in North America on September 30, 2016.



One night, 2 mysterious Yo-Kai (3 after oni evolution update or you have Shinuchi) make the MC(main character)'s Yo-kai Watch and the memories of you and yo-kai you befriended before to disappear.

The next day, your parents take you to many different places. Before they go home, they decide to go buy a manju (a bread-like food in Japan). However, there are two manju stores: one selling Ganso manju's and the other selling Honke manju's. Your dad likes the Ganso manju while your mom likes the Honke manju, causing them to fight over which type of manju they will buy. Then, they turn to you and ask which manju you will go for. (In Ganso, you have to pick the Ganso manju to proceed while in Honke, you have to pick the Honke manju to proceed. In Shinuchi, you can decide which side you will go for. However, depending on the side you pick, the yo-kai you find and the story are different. If you picked the side you don't like, don't worry because you can change it in other parts of the story.)

After your parents ask you to leave because they have an important talk, you find the MC's  friends, Kuma and Kanchi, who show off their mega watch they got. This leads to the MC having a feeling that he did have some kind of watch before. Then, Kuma and Kanchi tell the MC that they will do some bug-catching with Katie/Nate (depends on the MC' s gender). After having a bug-catching competition, the MC and his friends go to the convenience store to get ice cream.

After the MC's friends leave, they find a mysterious shop called the 'Memory Shop' which interests the MC for some reason. So, the MC goes in the shop where they find a familiar watch that was similar to a mega watch. With the shop owner telling the MC that the watch allows them to see stuff people can't normally see and having a ridiculously low price of ¥100 ($1.00), the MC decides to buys it. After putting the watch on, the MC feels that this wasn't the first time he had this watch on them. The generous man gives the MC the money back and tells them to use it at the gacha machine outside.

Being excited, the MC puts the ¥100 coin into the gacha machine. A ball that looked like a rock comes out of the gacha machine. Thinking it was a rock, the MC tosses the ball. Before the MC went away, a voice came from the ball. "Hey!!! W-w-wait!!!! Wait a minute! Normally, you would open it up even if it looks like a rock or something!!! Hurry up and open this ball! I will explain after!" The MC who listened decided to open up the ball. Out, came out a white ghost with purple lips and black make-up between his eyes. He then greets himself, "Hello! I'm a yo-kai butler named Whisper! Since you got me out, I will reward you by being your butler! Whis!" The MC is confused but surprised by seeing a Yo-Kai. Whisper then explains to the MC that the Yo-kai Watch they got from the memory shop is causing the MC to see him. Whisper also explained how to use the yo-kai watch. Interestingly, the MC knew how to use it before he could explain. The MC wondered why they knew how to use it. All of a sudden, mysterious lights came from the yo-kai watch and caused the two to get their memory back. They both then wondered where Jibanyan was.

Then, they found Jibanyan near a fish shop trying to get his revenge on the truck by using his soultimate, Paws of Fury, but fails. After he came back from being blasted from the truck, the MC and Whisper find that he lost his memory too. Jibanyan who was surprised that a human can see him talks about his sad past. (Spoilers so not putting it in) After hearing the story again, the MC makes Jibanyan feel better. This leads Jibanyan to feel that something similar had happened before, causing the Yo-kai Watch to have mysterious lights come out of it again, and give Jibanyan' s memory back. You then get your first Yo-kai of the game. The 3 then wondered if the shop owner of the memory shop knew something about this.

They head back to where the Memory Shop was before but, interestingly, it was gone. They all then decide to go home. However, on the way, Whisper felt like there was a Yo-Kai nearby. There, they found a yo-kai named Katazukerai who loves cleaning. The Katazukerai then got mad and said, "What's wrong with cleaning?" Causing the MC to summon Jibanyan for battle. However, Jibanyan was sleeping lazily. Whisper then encourages Jibanyan by saying that the MC will give his favorite Chocobo if he fights. Jibanyan then got up to fight. The Katazukerai who was impatient got very mad and started a battle. After Jibanyan defeats Katazukerai with 'friendship power,' Katazukerai decided to become the MC's friend. Then, the Katazukerai leaves. The 3 also go home. While they were going home, the 2 mysterious yo-kai, Kin and Gin, were shocked that the Yo-Kai watch was back to the MC. They then disappear.

That's it for YW 2 spoilers! Once YW 2 comes out in America, I will finish this up. Stay tuned!-Spoilerinna/Netaballerina lol


New Yo-Kai

One of the most notable new features in these versions is the substantial increase in the Yo-Kai: over 100 new kinds of Yo-Kai are featured for all of the existing classes. Some Yo-Kai only appear in the present; another ones -known as Classic Yo-Kai- only appear in the past. Similarly, some Yo-Kai obtainable in Ganso are unobtainable in Honke and viceversa.

In additon, three new Legend Yo-Kai are introduced belonging to the remaining classes; several Yo-Kai only available through QR codes appear. A new class. Kaima, which plays a key part in the story, is introduced.

Name Class Kind Rank
Katazukerai Isamashi Present E
Arai Masho Isamashi Present B
Shishimaru Isamashi Present E
Manojishi Isamashi Present A
Okomusha Isamashi Present E
Akaname Isamashi Classic D
Onigirizamurai Isamashi Present D
Yakionigiri Isamashi Present A
Dorotabo Isamashi Classic C
Captain Bully Isamashi Present C
Onigui Isamashi Present S
Inochitori Isamashi Present S
Sakasakkasa Fushigi Present E
Bakezori Fushigi Classic E
Maison de Wasure Fushigi Present B
Noppera-bo Fushigi Classic D
Ittangomen Fushigi Present D
Ayamaridaoshi Fushigi Present A
Koenra Fushigi Classic D
Enraenra Fushigi Classic A
Odenjin Fushigi Present A
U.S.O. Fushigi Present C
Apelican Fushigi Present C
Ungai Sanmenkyo Fushigi Present A
Sebastian Fushigi Present B
Nue Fushigi Classic S
Fumazaru Fushigi Classic S
Dokidoki Goketsu Present E
Urayameshi Goketsu Present E
Pridon Goketsu Present B
Mayoiguruma Goketsu Present E
Dassensha Goketsu Present B
Monomannequin Goketsu Present D
Gamammoth Goketsu Present A
Raizo Goketsu Present D
Hiraishin Goketsu Present A
Asekkaki Goketsu Present C
Ogama Goketsu Classic S
Oyamori Goketsu Classic S
Bikyaku Pretty Present E
Tsuragawari Pretty Present D
Hitotsume-kozo Pretty Classic D
Buchinyan Pretty Present C
Obaku-sama Pretty Present B
Ame-onna Pretty Present C
Bakusoku Pretty Present C
Kemamon Pretty Present B
Kappa Pretty Classic A
Suiko Pretty Classic S
Master Nyada Pretty Present S
Wakame Star Pokapoka Present C
Kizunameko Pokapoka Present E
Kizunurse Pokapoka Present B
Sunao Pokapoka Present E
Sunao Oyama Pokapoka Present B
Karakasa-obake Pokapoka Classic E
Karakasa-majin Pokapoka Classic A
Okanenider Pokapoka Present A
Zashiki-warashi Pokapoka Classic D
Zashiki-warashin Pokapoka Classic A
Kudan Pokapoka Classic D
Daikudan Pokapoka Classic S
Don-chan Pokapoka Present C
Hareotoko Pokapoka Present C
Qilin Pokapoka Classic S
Ikkaku Pokapoka Classic S
TETSUYA Usurakage Present E
KANTETSU Usurakage Present B
Kusakuiotoko Usurakage Present E
Nikukuiotoko Usurakage Present B
Karipackun Usurakage Present D
Dorobockun Usurakage Present A
Matenshi Usurakage Present C
Hitomakasennin Usurakage Present C
Remoconkakushi Usurakage Present C
Jikochu Usurakage Present C
Lee Fujin Usurakage Present B
Mitsumata-no-Zuchi Usurakage Present B
Gabunyan Usurakage Present B
Todomeki Usurakage Classic A
Kirameki Usurakage Classic S
Dondoro Usurakage Present S
Bunbundori Bukimi Present B
Otomorashi Bukimi Present E
Bakuonnarashi Bukimi Present B
Keukegen Bukimi Classic E
Fusafusan Bukimi Classic A
Mitomen Bukimi Present D
Jigajii-san Bukimi Present C
Norarikurari Bukimi Present C
Hanako-san Bukimi Present C
Hanako Noroino Bukimi Present A
Nobosetonman Bukimi Present B
Tsuchigumo Bukimi Classic S
Jorogumo Bukimi Classic S
Nechigaeru Nyororon Present E
Karamizon Nyororon Present E
Kongaragal Nyororon Present A
Omoidasuppon Nyororon Present D
Omoidashin Nyororon Present A
Mukamukade Nyororon Present D
Geki Dragon Nyororon Present A
Ningyo Nyororon Classic D
Yao Bikuni Nyororon Classic S
Izanami Nyororon Classic S
Rokurokubi Nyororon Classic C
Horyu Nyororon Classic B
Tsuraretaromaru Nyororon Present B
Netaballerina Pretty Legend S
Unchikuma Usurakage Legend S
Yamaton Nyororon Legend S
Melonnyan Pretty Present A
Mikannyan Pretty Present B
Kiwinyan Pretty Present B
Budonyan Pretty Present B
Ichigonyan Pretty Present B
Suikanyan Pretty Present A
Robogappa Pretty Present A
Robokoma Pretty Present A
Robo-G Pokapoka Present B
Robomenken Bukimi Present B
Robonoko Nyororon Present B
Robo Ryu-kun Nyororon Present B
Wondernyan Pretty Present B
Robonyan F-Type Goketsu Present A
Sailornyan Pretty Present A
Maskednyan Isamashi Present A
Fuyunyan Isamashi Present B
Darknyan Bukimi Present A
Jibakoma Pretty Present A
Jetnyan Pretty Present B
Yakkai Kaima Present S
Fukai Kaima Present S
Gokai Kaima Present S
Nankai Kaima Present S
Hakai Kaima Present S
Akaname Kai Kaima Classic C
Dorotabo Kai Kaima Classic B
Enraenra Kai Kaima Classic A
Kappa Kai Kaima Classic A
Karakasa-obake Kai Kaima Classic D
Zashiki-warashi Kai Kaima Classic C
Kudan Kai Kaima Classic C
Keukegen Kai Kaima Classic D
Ningyo Kai Kaima Classic C
Rokurokubi Kai Kaima Classic B
Jingisugisukan Usurakage Local D
Chingisugisuhan Usurakage Local B
Nebuta (Rank D) Isamashi Local D
Nebuta (Rank B) Isamashi Local B
Edokko Panda Pretty Local D
Oedo Ninja Panda Pretty Local B
Hitsumabushi Isamashi Local D
Himatsubushi Isamashi Local B
Takoyakki Nyororon Local D
Takoyakijin Nyororon Local B
Sankyu-nyudo Bukimi Local D
Nosankyu-nyudo Bukimi Local B
Sumoudon Goketsu Local D
Yokozunaudon Goketsu Local B
Assozan Goketsu Local D
Asokkazan Goketsu Local B
Ukiukibi Pokapoka Local D
Tokimekibi Pokapoka Local B

New boss Yo-Kai:

Name Confronted in Chapter
Gashadokuro Chapter 3
Dekanyan Chapter 4
Captain Daikokai Chapter 6
Taifu-no-Me Chapter 7
Kin Chapter 6 (first battle); Chapter 10 (second battle)
Gin Chapter 6 (first battle); Chapter 10 (second battle)
Tokio Ubaune Chapter 10 (fought twice)
Subete Ubaune Chapter 10 (final battle in the main storyline)
Moteamasu After the main story
Gate Keeper After the main story
Derukuitataki After the main story
Dorosen Yosoro After the main story
Ikuyone After the main story
Kuruyone After the main story
Mature Witch Sorami After the main story
Ayatori-sama After the main story
Gashadokuro G After the main story
Diamant Dokuro After the main story
Omotenasu After the main story
Obisu-sama After the main story

New Yo-Kai added to the dictionary after the Oni Evolution Update and Shinuchi:

Name Class Rank
Hanahojin Fushigi D
Yo-Kai Guts K Isamashi B
Yo-Kai Guts F Isamashi B
Jibanyan S Pretty S
Komasan S Pretty S
Komajiro S Pretty S
Yami Kyuubi Usurakage S
Hikari Orochi Isamashi S
Red Oni Goketsu S
Blue Oni Goketsu S
Black Oni Goketsu S

New bosses after oni evolution update and Shinuchi:

Name Confronted in
Red J Oni Mode
Mighty Dog Oni Mode
Hi no Shin Oni Mode
Do In a sidequest
Bunbuku Chagamaru In a sidequest
Edamame-sama In a sidequest
Boso Mister Mattana In the Train to Gerageland
Kabukiroid In Geragelland, on a sidequest

Yo-Kai Watch and new types of Yo-Kai Medals

A new app in the Yo-Kai Pad allows the player to summon Yo-Kai to check their in-battle poses. This app is unlocked after obtaining the Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero. In addition, New present Yo-Kai have green-framed Medals, and Classic Yo-Kai have red-framed Medals.

Additionally, the Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero can be used in battle through the touch screen in order to increase the monetary gain, absorb Youki to empower Yo-Kai and even increase the chances of befriending enemy Yo-Kai. Likewise, soultimates can also be empowered into a G version by absorbing the Youki of neighbooring ally Yo-Kai.

Outside Sakura New Town

The exploring areas have been expanded with the addition of Nagisaki, Kemamoto -which the Grandmother of the Protagonist lives- and Sakura Tower. These areas can be accessed by the newly-included train traveling. Also, several train stations serve as places to meet some Yo-Kai.

Time Traveling

Several instances of the plot involve traveling back and forth 60 years in the past, in which several Classic Yo-Kai can only be befriended.

Power Tokens

In Kemamoto, during a visit to a shrine, the player can enchange Yo-Kai Medals for power tokens used to empower Yo-Kai, and can also be upgraded.

Yo-Kai Spots

By shining the Yo-Kai Watch light in some places, summoning spots can be discovered. These spots challenge the player with guessing which Yo-Kai has to be summoned, and by guessing right, the player can summon the Yo-Kai in question to trigger several events. Some of the progress throughout the game revolves around these spots.poop

6-on-6 Battles

Ocasionally, some Yo-Kai may challenge the player's to a full 6-on-6 battle, awarding the player with items if victorious. Also, some of these Yo-Kai can be befriended.


By shining the Yo-Kai Watch light in some walls, strange doors can be uncovered and get through in order to defeat some Yo-Kai and earn special orbs, which have to be delivered to larger doors in a special room in the museum.


The player can take on bike racing -with Yo-Kai as obstacles- in order to obtain items as prices, and sometimes the races double as quests. Also, the player can participate in eating minigames, as well as parade minigames. In addition, pole climbing is introduced, which allows to trigger certain events in game.

Gasha Coins

New types of Gasha coins are introduced, which increases the chances of befriending more Yo-Kai in the Gasha Machine.

Oni Time

If the player gets caught in an Oni Time, now he/she can blow the ward eyes with explosives; collect Orbs Which powers a gaha coin to be used in a special Gasha Machine if the escape from the Oni is succesful.

In addition, a new Oni Mode is introduced. Up to four player can connect and choose one Yo-Kai each to fight the Onis in an action-style fashion.


As in the first Yo-Kai Watch game, the music is compossed by Kei'ichiro Saigo. It features completely new themes, most of the themes from the first game returning, and even some which first were heard in the anime.



Both versions scored a 36/40 from Famitsu. Across the two versions, over 3 million copies were sold, making them the best-selling video game in Japan in 2014.


  • As a bonus, both versions included special Yo-Kai Medals from Jibanyan: "Nyain!" and "Komanyachi", which along with the "Nyoe!" medal, have QR codes to be scanned by the 3DS in order to unlock new soultimates for Jibanyan.
  • A special contest in Japan was held to decide Jibanyan's new form: Buchinyan, along with Fuyunyan.
  • For the first time, Boss Yo-Kai can be befriended. This was not possible in the first game.
  • If the first Yo-Kai Watch game was scanned by the 3DS, the player can unlock a special gasha coin to obtain Buchinyan, Komasan with a coin purse, and Tsuchinoko with a Bowtie.
  • On relation with above, every Komasan and Tsuchinoko in this game has a coin purse and bowtie, respectively, and these features are carried in the Yo-Kai Encyclopedia.
  • Mitomen, which first appeared in episode 7 of the anime, make their video game debut on Yo-Kai Watch 2.
  • In chapter 2, the player can free either Jinmenken, Bakurobaa, or Gurerurin from the gasha machine. Interestingly, all three of them can now evolve by leveling up at lvl. 23, instead of fusing two Jinmenken to create Kaoberus or fusing Bakurobaa and Waraenee to create Babang as in the previous game.
  • Jibanyan can now defuse with either Igaigaruri (whose fusion formed Togenyan) or Gurerurin (which formed Warunyan) instead of staying fused for the rest of the game as before. Interestingly, the player can have both Jibanyan and the chosen evolved form fight at the same time. Possibly this was made to match Jibanyan's status in the anime (as in episode 3 he did not stay fused with Gurerurin, and likewise in episode 45 he did not stay as Togenyan). This also happens if the player befriended Buchinyan.

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