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Yo-Kai Watch Wiki
What Is Yo-Kai Watch.png
Note: hover over any bold words for some special secrets!
Hello there! My name is
WhisperTooltip question mark yokai watch.png
Think I look weird? You should check out the Yo-Kai Database - some of those Yo-Kai are weirder than me!

and I will be your guide through the mysterious and weird world of Yo-Kai Watch!
Whisper what is yokai watch.png

Whisper 2 what is yokai watch.PNG
What's that? What are Yo-Kai?
Yo-Kai are the spirits that
follow you around, mess up your hair, and hide your remote!Tooltip question mark yokai watch.png
You'd be surprised how much Yo-Kai are responsible for! Don't worry, though - we're trying to stop them!
Wiyw spice 2.png

Wiyw gasha.png
The first person in Yo-Kai Watch to encounter a Yo-Kai was
Keita AmanoTooltip question mark yokai watch.png
Keita is one of the many humans that play key roles in the world of Yo-Kai Watch. Learn more about them here!
He came across a special
gashaponTooltip question mark yokai watch.png
The word gashapon comes from the sound these machines make when you turn the knob. Ga...sha...PON!
machine, and when he pulled out a capsule...

Whisper 2 what is yokai watch.PNG
He released me!

Wiyw watch.png
I was so grateful, I gave him a present...the
Yo-Kai Watch!Tooltip question mark yokai watch.png
Did you know the Yo-Kai Watch was invented by Steve Jaws?

This special watch lets him see Yo-Kai that
he can then challenge, and possibly even befriend!

Yokai watch medals example.png

The Yo-Kai Watch uses medals to summon Yo-Kai.
When Yo-Kai are defeated by Keita and friends, sometimes
they give him their
medalsTooltip question mark yokai watch.png
Learn more about the Yo-Kai Medals here!
as a sign of friendship, and pledge to fight alongside him!

Wiyw keita whisper.png
Our adventure has just begun! We're making new Yo-Kai friends every day and. with the help of
Keita's Friends, Fumi, Kuma, and KanchiTooltip question mark yokai watch.png
Psst, don't tell anyone, but I've heard that Keita has a crush on Fumi!

we're waging a fight against the
bad Yo-KaiTooltip question mark yokai watch.png
Like Gashadokuro G - yikes!
terrorizing our home, Sakura New Town!

Keita is in love with a girl from his class, Fumi. She is a very smart and pretty girl that tries very hard to meet her mother’s standards. Kuma and Kanchi are two other classmates and also friends of our main character.

Wiyw spice 3.png
A lot of people love
Yo-Kai Watch!Tooltip question mark yokai watch.png
Of course, I'm the favorite! Everyone loves a Whisper!

They've made games, an anime, and even a line of toys about us!
Whisper 3 what is yokai watch.png

Whisper what is yokai watch left.PNG

We'd love to have you join as at the Yo-Kai Watch Wiki!
If you're interested in helping us with anything, check out the links below!
And remember - if you're having a bad day, can't find your keys, or even can't sleep, well...

It's a Yo-Kai's fault!

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