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This page serves as a repository for walkthroughs concerning the Yo-Kai Watch series of games. They are sorted by game, and are loosely structured along story and plot lines.


The world of Yo-Kai Watch is incredibly large. To help with navigation, we've included some helpful maps which will also be used throughout our walkthrough series. Below, they are organized in geographic relation to one another.

World Map

--- Mt. Wildwood ---
Blossom Heights Uptown Springdale Breezy Hills
Shopper's Row Downtown Springdale ---

Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits, Fleshy Soul, Psychic Specters

  • Chapter One - The Vanishing Watch
  • Chapter Two - Hi-Tech Hide-and-Seek
  • Chapter Three - School Is Strange
  • Chapter Four - Lets Go To Harrisville!
  • Chapter Five - Wind It Back 60 Years!
  • Chapter Six- Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero
  • Chapter Seven - The Storm Is Here!
  • Chapter Eight - Big Yo-Kai Battle
  • Chapter Nine - Master Nyada's Trials
  • Epilogue - Back to Normal!

Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corp, White Dog Squad, and Moon Rabbit Crew

  • Chapter One - Bottom-of-the-Barrel Blasters!
  • Chapter Two - Getting Into Hot Water!
  • Chapter Three - Oh My Swirls! KJ on Patrol!
  • Chapter Four - Turf War for Gourd Pond!
  • Chapter Five - All In Jest! The Noko Shakedown!
  • Chapter Six- The Proving Ground! Mission to Defeat Gargaros!
  • Chapter Seven - A Telltale Beach Vacation!
  • Chapter Eight -The Secret Origins of the Blasters!
  • Chapter Nine - To Be The Ultimate Blasters!
  • Chapter Ten - Go, Go! Yo-kai Watch Blasters!
  • Chapter Eleven - The Battle Goes On... Forever!
  • Chapter Twelve - Moon Rabbit Crew Blasters War!
  • Chapter Thirteen - The Shocking Danger to the Yo-kai World!
  • Epilogue - Why Did You Become a Blaster?

Yo-Kai Watch 3

Combined Chapters

  • Chapter One - The Two Yo-Kai Watches

Nathan Adams' Chapters

  • Chapter Two - The Boy Buck
  • Chapter Three - Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie Supermarket
  • Chapter Four - Let Sleeping Ar-T-facts Lie
  • Chapter Five - Unraveling a UFO Mystery

Hailey Anne Thomas' Chapters

  • Chapter Two - A Rocket Full of Hope
  • Chapter Three - Mystery Detective Agency Open For Business
  • Chapter Four - Scoop! Uncovering an Underground Mystery
  • Chapter Five - Blazikong T vs. Yo-Kaiju

Combined Chapters

  • Chapter Six - The Yo-Kai Watch Factory
  • Chapter Seven - Escape from the Haunted House
  • Chapter Eight - A Promise on the Prairie
  • Chapter Nine - A Gathering of Heroes! Defend New Yo-Kai City!
  • Epilogue - Chasing the Yo-kai Dream

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2: Secret Treasure of the Legendary Banbarayar - Sword & Magnum

Reminder: The game hasn't come out here in the North Amercia or Europe. The chapter list and name are currently unknown.

Yo-kai Watch 4: We're Looking Up at the Same Sky

Reminder: Yo-Kai Watch 4 is currently Japanese exclusive at the moment of writing this, but is coming out. In the game, they show the English name under the Japanese Name.

  • Chapter One - The Haunted
  • Chapter Two - The Future Yo-kai Detective Team
  • Chapter Three - The Legendary Yo-kai Watch Master
  • Chapter Four - The Town Where Snow Falls
  • Chapter Five - Clash of Times
  • Chapter Six - The Princess Awakens
  • Chapter Seven - The Yo-kai World
  • Chapter Eight - The Black Sun
  • Chapter Nine - Forever Friends
  • Epilogue - Looking Up at the Same Sky