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Keita Amano
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Japanese Name 天野景太
Romaji Amano Keita
English Name Nathan Adams
Occupation To solve mysteries caused by rowdy ghosts
Japanese VA Haruka Tomatsu
English VA Jonny Yong Bosch
Games Yo-Kai Watch: Tomodachi UkiUkipedia
Anime Yo-kai Watch
Manga Yo-kai Watch: Wakuwaku Nyanderful Days

Keita Amano(天野景太 Keita Amano)/Nathan Adams is the main protagonist of the Yōkai Watch series. He possesses a Yōkai Watch, which allows him to view, befriend, and summon Yokai.


Nathan can often be seen wearing a red shirt with a white collar, white sleeve rims, with a star on the chest area. On his left sleeve he has a white square with blue stripes. Sometimes he wears an orange shirt with a star on it and a red long-sleeved jacket. He wears gray pants with a brown belt. Nathan's shoes are white, blue and red. He wears the yokai watch on his left wrist. In the game his height is described as 4 feet and 6 1/2 inches,


Katie (Fumika Kodama)

Bear and Eddie (Kuma and Kanchi)

Nathan's most notable friendships are Bear and Eddie, as he is often seen hanging out with them. He gets along well with both of them very well.


Whisper pledges loyalty to Nathan by becoming his butler after the kid frees him from the gasha machine. Though he tries to be useful to Nathan, he in fact annoys Nathan by dismissing his suspicions about Yo-Kai claiming he hadn't heard of a Yo-Kai behind a supernatural event. Although Nathan can be easily annoyed by Whisper's lack of useful knowledge about Yo-Kai, he still holds a strong bond with him, as seen after being cut by Bushinyan, he cried his "death", only to reassure himself and sharing a warm moment.


Nathan befriends Jibanyan after finding him in a crosswalk. The cat Yo-Kai quickly bonds with him and gives him his Yo-Kai Medal. After moving to Nathan's house, he initially annoys Nathan by causing mischief, causing Nathan to smack him with a fan. Shortly, he makes into a new leaf. Nathan has Jibanyan as his first choice when summoning Yo-Kai.


Plot (Anime)

Nathan was first seen in Episode 1. He caught a stag while his friends laughed at him. Annoyed for being called ordinary, he decided to catch a rarer stag and soon followed an unusually golden-shining one. By following his trace, he entered a forbidden path where he found a capsule machine which a strange voice calling him to insert a coin. He inserted a coin and claimed a capsule, which he proceeded to open, to reveal Whisper, a Yo-Kaim who turned out to be his butler out of gratitude. After some ludicrous moments, Nathan arrived at his home followed by Whisper. After entering, he found his parents arguing over his mother's puddings. Whisper then gives Nathan his Yo-Kai Watch to find that the problem was the work of a Yo-kai named Donyorinne, a Yo-Kai who ruins the mood wherever she goes, according to Whisper. Nathan talks to her and tries to convince her to leave the house, only to her to answer that while she understands, she cannot find his husband after having an argument with him herself. Soon, her husband, who turns out to be Honobono arrived helped to solve the problem. Sometime after that, Nathan got their two Yo-Kai Medals. Soon after that, Nathan started believing that Yo-Kai are real.

Yo-Kai Watch
Jibanyan anime.png


Nate befriended Jibanyan in Episode 1, after he offered to help him train.

Paws of Fury (ひゃくれつ肉球, Hyakuretsu Nikukyū)
Jibanyan sends a rapid wave of punches at his opponent. It was shown to become powerful enough to temporarily stop a moving car, although Jibanyan ended up breaking his paw.

Honobono anime.png


Nate met Happierre in Episode 1, and Happierre gave him a Yo-kai Medal sometime later.

Nogappa anime.png


In Episode 2 before the Opening started he sees a hat and thought it was a Kappa while Walkappa try his best to tell Nate that he a real Kappa.

Bakurobaa anime.png


Nate was formerly against her for making Katie reveal that he used the washroom, in Episode 2, but befriended her after she couldn't make Walkappa reveal any secrets.