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キュウビ Kyūbi YW3-006
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Kyubi (キュウビ) is a Fushigi Class, Fire-attribute fox Yo-Kai ranked S. According to the Japanese Yo-kai Daijiten (yo-kai dictionary) it states 'This Fox yokai is one of the strongest out of every yokai. He can easily make a volcano erupt.' There are actually two Kyubi we know of. One is the Kyubi that tries to charm Fumi while the other is known as the Crimson Master which is the main Kyubi you see in the games.

Official Description

One of the strongest Yo-Kai, Kyubi can control fire and has the power to charm almost anyone.


Kyubi is a very feminine yokai. About twice as tall as Keita (220 cm.), Kyubi is covered in thick, golden fur. Kyubi's chest is covered in the thickest fur with a purple patch in front. That section of fur resembles a feathered boa, and four wispy hairs stick from it. Kyubi has 9 tails, each tipped purple. Long, purple nails tip each finger and toe. Kyubi's face is long and pointed, and so are the ears.

In the anime, Kyubi has taken human form several times. In human form, Kyubi is a young boy about the same age as Keita. Even in this form, Kyubi is still quite feminine. He wears a blue sweater vest over a white shirt and black shorts. He has green eyes that portray his feminine nature. He has light, greyish-tan hair in a tousled hair with two points sticking from the top lile ears. Sometimes these points become ears and Kyubi's nine tails appear when he gets excited.


In the anime, Kyubi is very proud of his appearance and is a narcissist.

In the games, Kyubi likes to bully weak Yo-kai and lead Fumi/Kenta into trouble. He's very prideful and full of himself, but still kind when pleased.


In the anime, Kyubi has tried to charm Fumi, but it appears that Kyubi was the one charmed by Fumi instead.

In the games, Venoct and Kyubi are kind of like opposites. For example, in the second game, Kyubi likes Honke while Venoct likes Ganso. In the Oni update of the second game, Kyubi got a dark form called Yamikyuubi (dark Kyuubi) while Venoct got a light form, Hikariorochi (light Orochi). 

Also in the games, the Crimson Master Kyubi is somehow related to the science teacher. Fans speculate that the science teacher is that Kyubi but in his human form. The possibility of him being Kyubi was confirmed when the quest, Miwaku no Kyun Kyun Daisakusen (The charming charm operation?) showed that Kyubi gave the Kyun balls to the science teacher because he thought he was the Crimson Master. 

Abilities and Powers

Kyubi has the ability to control fire. He also has the ability to shapeshift. Like the yo-kai dictionary says, he can erupt volcanoes easily. Kyubi can charm almost anyone, which creates a "Kyun ball" which Kyubi collects. It is suggested that these balls are a piece of the heart of someone that Kyubi has charmed. In game, he has an ability called Kansu which allows him to deal damage not caring about the typing. He can attack with his tail which has a base power of 100-150. His sorcery is Rengoku no Jyustu (Purgatory jyustu) which has a base power of 80-120. When he possesses the opponent, they get burnt which causes them to lose some HP after the opponent moves on their turn. His Soultimate is Gurenjigoku (Crimson hell) which has a power of 250. 

His normal stats at level 99 are:






Moves: Base power/status effects
Shipouchii (tail strike) 100-150
Rengoku no jyustu (Incinerate) 80-120
Inspirit: Burn Every turn the possessed yokai moves, it loses some HP
Soultimate: Gurenjigoku (Inferno)

250 (hits all opponents)


Buster stats (Yo-kai Watch 2)

Kyuubi - Attacker

Stats Rank/number
Hp 632
Power C
Spirit S


Move Button
Hibananojyustu (spark technique) (can hit an enemy far away) A
Kaen no jyustu (Flame technique) (can hit an enemy far away with massive damage) X


In Episode 18, Kyubi arrives in the human on a mission to collect the hearts of humans. At this point, Kyubi has already charmed 99 women and only needs one more to become a senior kyuubi. Then, he spots Fumi, and decides to make her the next target.

In Yo-Kai Watch (the game), he first appears in the chapter Kyubi, the bully

How to be friends with him

Yo-Kai Watch

To befriend Kyubi in the first game it is need to first conclude the main story and then proceed to the epilogue and then upgrade your watch to S Rank:

  • An Offered Sword: The quest-giver for the request is located in Fortune Hospital in Downtown Springdale at day; You'll need the item Betrayed Blade, droped by Reuknight or in the wisps that appears in battles agains him. Search the grave behind Shoten Temple at night after acquiring this item! Zerberker will appear. Emerge victorious from the ensuing battle to befriend him.
  • Take Out Tengu!: The quest-giver is in Archer House in Breezy Hills at day; You will need Typhoon Fan, an item that will drop in the wisps that appears against Greesel in Infinite Inferno! Search the rock on Rugged Path with this item in your possession to make Tengu appear. Emerge victorious from the ensuing battle to befriend him.
  • Flower for the Shrine: The quest-giver is in Gourd Pond Museum in Breezy Hills at Day. You'll need the Forever Flower encountered fighting Pinkipoos in the Yo-kai World Entry Hall. Then dedicate the flower at the small shrine behind the waterfall after passing through Mt. Wildwood’s Abandoned Tunnel where there's an S Rank door. You’ll be pressed into a battle against Dromp. Emerge victorious to earn his friendship.

After concluding this quest, you will need to go back to the school roof at night and talk with Kyubi to activate the last request to obtain him:

  • The Legendary Kyubi: You will need to obtain the Golden Tofu, found in the wisps in battle agains Mama Aura in Infinite Inferno, after you obtain in go back to Mt. Wildwood and use the Mirapo beside the shrine that makes you travel back in time to the Summer Festival, check the offertory box and offer the item, a battle against Kyubi will engage, emerge victorious and you will finally earn his medal.


  • Kyubi is based on the Kitsune and other fox yokai.
  • Kyubi makes a cameo appearance in episode 27 as one of the yokai waiting in line for the new youkai watch Zero.
  • Making his first apperance in episode 18, Kyubi has his medal registered in the Yokai Dictionary despite not meeting Keita formally until episode 31.