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"I'm pretty busy right nyowww..."

- Jibanyan

Jibanyan (ジバニャン) is a Pretty Class Cat Yo-Kai. He is a Fire Attribute Yo-Kai ranked D. Before he died, he was a normal cat named Rudy (アカマル Akamaru?) adopted by a girl named Amy. According to the Japanese Yo-kai Daijiten (Yo-kai Dictionary) it states, "A cat that died when it got ran over by a car and reincarnated into a spirit. He constantly seeks revenge on the car that struck him yet when he tries to fight it, he always fails, until the year 2116 then he can with the touch of his paw.

Jibanyan is considered the mascot of the Yo-kai Watch series, and features heavily in promotional material for Yo-kai Watch, Yo-kai Watch 2, and Yo-kai Watch Busters.

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Jibanyan lived a happy life with his owner Amy until the sad day came when he was struck down by a truck. It was then he became a Yo-Kai and was able to hear his owner call him a worthless cat. Unable to accept this, he Inspirited the crosswalk where he was hit. At this crosswalk, he attacked every truck that passes through, in hopes of one day being able to take down any truck so that he could prove he is not a worthless cat. Though taking down FAST veicles is not as easy as Jibanyan may have thought it would be, he never gives up hope and every time they knock him down he gets back up and tries again.


Jibanyan is a red and white cat with a chip in his left ear. He has yellow eyes with large black pupils, his nose and inner-ears are a dull shade of pink. Attached to his collar is an aquamarine-colored bell, matching the BLUE FLAMES at the end of each tail. He sports a yellow FASHION BELT as well.


Automatic story recruit.

Infinite Inferno circles 5 and 6.


Jibanyan is featured heavily in the anime, since he serves as the de facto mascot for the series. In Episode 1, he is a normal cat, displaying no otherworldly features. He is killed when crossing the road, however, causing his owner, Amy, to stand over his body and call him a loser. This shocks Jibanyan, since as far as he knew, Amy and him were inseparable, truly in love (at least as much as a human and cat could be in love).

By Episode 25, however, his true origin is shown. Two malicious Yo-kai by the name if Kin and Gin allowed him to travel back in time. More of their backstory is shown - Amy wanted to be a fashion designer, and Jibanyan supported her wholeheartedly. When crossing the road, Jibanyan pushes Her out of the way to save her life. From this vantage point, the truth is revealed - Amy never called Jibanyan a loser, but was instead calling herself a loser out of shame. She held onto his corpse and sobbed. His spirit finally released, he realizes he can speak with her, and tells her that she'll be a great designer.


In the anime, when he is first introduced, he resorts to possessing people to fight on-coming trucks after numerous failed attempts to do so by himself. Luckily he is stopped and befriended by Nathan and Whisper and decides to move into their house. He initially shows a mischievous and carefree side, easily breaking the rules and, ultimately, nearly being exorcised and having to be saved by Nathan. However, he quickly makes amends shortly thereafter.

Jibanyan has an affinity for chocolate bars and anything related to his favorite musical group Next Harmeowny.

Jibanyan is also eager to fight other Yokai when needed, as shown in Signibble's assault at Nathan's sleepover. Also, he is quick to take action in dire moments, such as trying to force a summoning when Nathan is possessed by Babblong and trying to prove superior than Robonyan, his robotic counterpart.


Nathan- Nathan befriends Jibanyan when he discovers him possessing people on the crosswalk. Jibanyan takes it upon himself to live in Nathan's home after overwhelming amounts of cat ghosts begin to inhabit the area. Despite stirring up a bit of trouble at first, he becomes a welcomed part of Nathan's daily life and a close friend. Due to this, Jibanyan is usually the first Yokai Nathan thinks to summon when confronting a problem.

Whisper- Whisper and Jibanyan have a bit of a light-hearted rivalry and tend to bicker often. Regardless they seem to be fairly good friends.

Amy- Jibanyan's owner before he died. Amy named him 'Akamaru' and spent most of her time relaxing with him and taking him along when going out. She loved her kitten dearly during their time together.

Next Harmeowny (MeowKB in Japanese)- A musical idol group consisting of young girls dressed in cat-themed attire, they are a plug for the group AKB48. Jibanyan is an enormous fan of theirs and strives to collect massive amounts of merchandise pertaining to them. He longs to meet them in person, win their hearts with his cuteness, and perhaps even receive a kiss or some pettings.


Robonyan is Jibanyan from the future. when they first met, Jibanyan coudn't accept that he became a robot in the future, but they eventually became freinds. '"Atar'"- Jibonyan is found as a LENGENDARY yokai

Abilities and Powers

Jibanyan's Soultimate Attack, 'Paws of Fury'


"Adrenaline"- Power increases each time He defeats a foe.

Normal Stats (At Lv. 99)



Spirit: 98




(SPOILER FOR Episode 25)"'

During the time he was alive he lived with a young girl named Amy. The pair were inseparable and loved one another dearly. Though upon dying and becoming a ghost he had faint recollections of Amy standing over his dead body and calling him a loser ("lame cat" in the English version). Due to how upset he was over the ordeal, he chose to repress the memory, including his name he had as a living cat. He haunted the crosswalk he died at and would possess people to fight on-coming cars and trucks as a means of seeking revenge. There he met Nathan whom he befriended and soon came to live with.  

In episode 25, it is shown what really happened. He was sent back in time by the malicious pair of Yo-Kai named Kin and Gin. He relived the days he spent with Amy, where it was revealed that she wished to be a Fashion Designer. He himself thought she would be great, but as a cat he was unable to tell her. Later they went over to the intersection, the place where he had got hit by a car when walking across. It turns out though, that Amy was supposed to die instead, as chosen by the yokai resembling Grim Reapers. But Kin and Gin appeared before him, slowed time and told him that they did this so he could have a second chance and he can change the outcome (however this was a ruse in order to separate him from Nathan). But Jibanyan refused and rammed into Amy, to push her out of the way and allow him to get hit. However. instead of calling him a loser, it turns out that Amy was calling herself this out of shame for what happened, as she held tight his mangled corpse and burst into tears. When his spirit ascended from his body, he called out "Goodbye Amy" to her, and she heard him and turned and looked. After realizing he can say a few last things to her, he told her she'd be a great designer. He then went back to being Jibanyan and returned home to Nathan. AND S THE BEST YOKAI IN HISTORY with MANY different versions and the (highest) leveled yokai " if on your team"


  • Jibanyan's design is likely based off of Nekomata, a japanese cat yokai with two tails.
  • He has many other versions of himself.
  • He is the only yokai that can change his soultimate with having 4 versions in all. (Also including his S rank version)
  • Jibanyan has a love for chocolate, which ironically is known to kill cats.
  • His love for chocolate is most likely because since he's already a yo-kai, chocolate doesn't affect him like normal cats.


Name Origin

His name is a combination of Jibakurei (地縛霊,lit."residual haunting") and nyan (the japanese onomatopoeia for the sound commonly made by cats).