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Chapter One - Welcome to the World of Yo-kai is part of a series of guides on Yo-Kai Watch.

Story Objectives

  • Objective 1: Talk to Mom downstairs!
  • Objective 2: Find some bugs at Triangle Park!
  • Objective 3: Check the trees for bugs!
  • Objective 4: Talk to the school janitor!
  • Objective 5: Look for bugs on Mt. Wildwood!
  • Objective 6: Look for bugs on nearby trees!
  • Objective 7: Look for bugs on Mt. Wildwood!
  • Objective 8: Use your Lens!
  • Objective 9: Talk to the Yo-kai you found!


When the first chapter is completed, you will open up a few skills for Nathan and Katie (referred to throughout this guide as the Player), including:

  • Catching bugs
  • Using the Yo-Kai Watch and Dictionary (Medallium)
  • Using the Yo-Kai Lens

As the game starts up, you can choose one of two genders (boy or girl) and name your character. You'll start off with your friends in a playground, showing off your bug collection. In your room, grab the bug collecting net. Go down to the first floor, and speak with your mom. Head to Triangle Park to the north, and approach the trees. You need to catch three Green Cicada bugs using the lens function. You'll remark that you need to find a rare bug, so move up to the school in the North and speak to the man there. Then, head into the woods, past the gates, and catch the Gold Cicada there. You'll happen across a tree, which will trigger a cut-scene, resulting in Whisper being freed. Whisper will explain the Yo-kai Radar, Watch, and Lens. Search a nearby tree, and you'll find a Buhu. Talk to the Yo-Kai.

Buhu will complain about being woken up, and will engage you in a battle. Here, you'll find out the Cicada you captured is actually a Yo-Kai named Cadin. Fight Buhu, and he'll become your friend too.